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Advantages of pre-ordering coffees!


Who doesn’t like buying fresh coffee? Every coffee enthusiast would like to drink the freshest brew possible, right?

Roastery clients want to purchase coffee that has been ideally roasted on the same day (although it’s not always advantageous). On the other hand, roasters want to buy freshly harvested coffee that hasn’t been sitting in storage for two years, correct?

That’s why we are introducing a new operational strategy and aiming to propose a solution that enables the purchase of the freshest coffee possible.

You might ask how? I’ll explain it right away.

In our promotional emails with a list of available coffees, you will also receive a list of so-called PREORDERS, which are coffees not yet available in Europe. All the coffees listed there have already undergone a thorough three-step quality control:

  • Green grading.
  • Moisture content and density. 
  • Of course, cupping, which determines whether the coffee will be included in our offer.

At this stage, you can be assured that all the coffees have been meticulously analyzed by us. All that remains is to order a sample of the coffee that interests you.

What’s next?

If you like the coffee and would like to reserve it, we will only need a confirmation email from you stating your interest in purchasing and the timeframe in which you would like to buy that particular coffee.

On this occasion, we can offer:

  • One-time purchase of the entire batch immediately upon the coffee’s arrival in Europe.
  • Spread out deliveries or payments over a longer period.
  • Storage of coffee for you for a longer period.

Hopefully, this will take care of your requirements for coffee from this harvest for the entire year.

When the coffee arrives in Europe, we can send you an ‘afloat’ coffee sample, taken directly from the batch you ordered. This is the moment when you can still opt out if the coffee significantly differs from the sample you received before it was transported to Europe.

Yours sincerely,

Tomek Woronowicz

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Advantages of pre-ordering coffees!

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