We work closely with trusted producing partners at origin to ensure reliable, consistent & transparent sourcing.

Our coffees are tested by certified Q-graders initially at source and finally in Amsterdam to ensure high quality standards & consistency.

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Order samples from our exclusive selections of completely traceable coffees.

We offer exclusive coffees to roasters all over the EU from our warehouse in Rotterdam.

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Each coffee origin is unique. We are eager to learn as much as possible about the people, the culture and the history of the various origins. When our quality beans make their way to coffee lovers in Europe, they bring along with them their fascinating origin experience.

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  • We identify reliable suppliers, who passionately nurture their coffees, constantly improving quality standards and creating a better work environment for their employees.
  • We maintain 100% lot traceability - you always get what you select.


  • We provide you with the true experience of everyday life on the coffee farms with our authentic and uncut stories.
  • We encourage complete knowledge sharing and are happy to welcome you to interact directly with farmers.


  • We strive to create value for our customers by understanding their individual requirements and offering tailored solutions accordingly.
  • We ensure that your selected coffee goes through an extremely streamlined supply chain and we keep stock Rotterdam to ensure shortest lead times.
  • We are happy to meet any custom contract requirements such as holding your selected lots for you.

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